Vanguard center for compulsive gambling

Vanguard center for compulsive gambling facts on gambling addictions

Obtaining continued care can be a challenge for those with this addiction, Schiks said. Get MinnPost's top stories in your inbox First Name:

Cheryl Anderson, Vanguard program manager, holds up a photo taken back when the tornado tore down most of the newly rebuilt facility at Vanguard Center for Gambling Recovery at Project Turnabout in Granite Falls, Minn. There's another, equally disturbing pattern with this disease: One reason is that gambling addicts often mislabel the disorder as something else, Anderson said: It is currently the only residential program for problem gambling in Minnesota and only one of a handful of programs in the nation. Due to the distance our patients often travel for our unique program, alternative family sessions may be arranged with our family counselors.

Project Turnabout's Vanguard Center for Compulsive Gambling is a nationally recognized residential treatment program for men and women. February of marks the 20th Anniversary of Project Turnabout's Vanguard Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program. The Vanguard. We are the only inpatient gambling-addiction program in Minnesota,” said Vanguard Program, a Granite Falls-based treatment center with

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